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New Stuff

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, look here first.  The website is going to be kind of spare and utilitarian as I toil away behind the scenes on other priorities.  But stick around -- there should be plenty of new stuff in the upcoming months.

The Capper Web Demo: Take an on-line tour of The Capper, our new premier handicapping program.  (Note: after clicking the link, click the Open button to run the demo.  Or, you can save the demo to your hard drive and run it from there.)

The Capper's instruction manual is available for $10.

Bettor Keep Track, NetCapper's wagering analysis software, now features the new "All-Nighter" Reports.  The program looks at 26 subcategories such as Dirt, Allowances, Females, and even such negative subcategories as Not Claiming. Then, for each subcategory it analyzes every subcategory of that subcategory. Since there are 26 subcategories, that means that for every portfolio you have, it looks at 26 * 26 or 676 different subcategories. It first looks at these 676 subcategories in all your bets. Next it looks at these 676 subcategories for each of the portfolios you've created using the Query List Manager. If you have created nine portfolios, that means it looks at 6,760 subcategories. (That's why these are called All-Nighter Reports -- because there's a huge amount of processing going on.) It checks the win%, ROI, flat bet profit/loss, confidence level, and other stats for each subcategory. It finds the top category, assuming any meet its minimum requirements, which are at least 30 bets, a 1.10 ROI, and an 80% confidence level.  Then it goes one step further � it removes the bets belonging to the top category it found from the group of bets it's looking at, and then starts the whole process again, looking for the top category from what's left. If it finds a second category, it will then remove that also, and search once again, until it gets to the point where no further qualifying categories can be found.  You end up with a list of the most profitable categories in your betting. In fact, this is an optimized list of the best profit centers in your wagering records.

I've always thought that many of the best players were probably sitting anonymously in the grandstand, not up there giving seminars.  Now I know I was right.  Check out real, documented handicapping experts, not the self-proclaimed ones.  Player Picks is an online database where you can input your daily picks, or check out the latest picks by other cappers.

Here by popular demand: Do you make or buy your own figs, but want the advantages of a betting line and value handicapping? FigLine is the new software from NetCapper that lets you enter your figs, click a button, and get an accurate betting line for the race.

Check out the Racing Gates, your on-line window to thoroughbred racetracks.  Includes links to track websites, weather, entries, changes, on-line toteboards, results, and more.  Nearly everything you need for modern horseplay except a teller's window.

More than any other handicapping skill, the ability to keep a record of your betting and use it to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses as a bettor will help you make money at the track. Not pace handicapping. Not energy distribution. Not trainer stats. Not speed figures. Not pedigree. Not voodoo astrological numerology. RECORDING AND ANALYZING YOUR BETS.  Join the estimated 5% of long-term handicappers who make a profit at the track: use Bettor Keep Track, NetCapper's new wagering database and analysis software.

Cash for Used Handicapping Books!  Got any old handicapping books gathering dust on your bookshelf or in your attic? Is the wife bugging you to toss them out? I will pay real cash money for your old handicapping books. I'll give you 25% of the cover price for out-of-print books and 15% of the cover price for in-print books. (I'm not interested in system-type booklets, but books and some booklets with actual handicapping instruction.) Just email me at with a list of your books and to arrange shipment.

Check out the new NetCapper Store!  Feel free to browse our handicapping products.  (We're starting out on a shoestring, so the shelves are starting out pretty bare, but there should be more stuff available soon.)  Thanks for your support!

Join our new Prize-Free Handicapping Contest.