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Spot Play Designer

Private Spot Plays are available for users of The Capper. Integrated into The Capper, you get a custom-programmed spot play of your design and a password which keeps the spot play private, for your use only. You'll also get a report which continually tracks your spot play and analyzes it by breaking it down into a bunch of subcategories with statistics such as win% and ROI for each subcategory.

You design a spot play of your choice which targets a certain type of horse in a certain type of race.  You can include up to seven total conditions. For instance, that might include one race condition and six horse conditions; three race conditions and four horse conditions, or no race conditions and seven horse conditions.  As an example, you could say:

Spot Play Name: Fast Maiden Fillies On Rail
Race Condition #1: Dirt race.
Race Condition #2: Maiden Special Weight race.
Race Condition #3: Filly and mare race.
Horse Condition #1: Horse on the rail today.
Horse Condition #2: Horse had the best speed figure last race.
Horse Condition #3: Horse led at the second call last race.

That's six total conditions and is programmable.  Be as clear and specific as possible with each of your conditions.  Please don't include multiple conditions under each condition: for instance, dirt is one condition, maiden claimer is a second condition, etc.  If you have any questions, you can email me at

To complete this form, fill in the spot play name and up to seven conditions below and click the submit button.

Spot Play Name (30 characters or less):

Race condition #1 (For instance, race is on the dirt.):

Race condition #2:

Race condition #3:

Race condition #4:

Race condition #5:

Race condition #6:

Race condition #7:

Horse condition #1  (For instance, horse was first at first call last race.):

Horse condition #2:

Horse condition #3:

Horse condition #4:

Horse condition #5:

Horse condition #6:

Horse condition #7:

Private Spot Play ($200 list price)
Public Spot Play ($100)
New User of The Capper (One free public spot play of your design.)