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Price: $30

The FIGLINE mini-application was created to satisfy requests from a number of handicappers. They wanted a simple program that would allow them to put in their own figures, press a button, and get an accurate betting line. That's just what FIGLINE does.

FIGLINE uses a random number generator function, as suggested by handicapper Brian Leonhart. It internally runs 10,000 simulations using the figures you input for each horse. It then tracks how often each horse "wins," given the figure you assigned to it. Assuming there is a normal distribution around each horse's figure, it is often true (using FIGLINE as well as at the racetrack) that a horse with the lowest figure will sometimes win. The program estimates each horse's chances of winning given its figs. It then assigns fair odds and bet odds to each horse.

You can use this betting line to bet the race. The basic idea is: only bet a horse when its track odds are at least as high as its bet odds in the betting line. Most betting line handicappers will bet not only their first, but their second, third or fourth choices if they are offering attractive odds. (For more information on how to use a betting line to make all kinds of wagers, including exotic ones, Barry Meadow's book "Money Secrets at the Racetrack" is highly recommended.)

FIGLINE will accept pretty much any type of figure: speed figures, pace times, class ratings, etc. It can even be configured to treat lower numbers as better, which is useful if you're a "Sheets" player. One warning: regarding the figures you use, it's the old saying: garbage in, garbage out. So take care in creating your figures. However, the mere fact that you are betting value will protect you from many errors in figure-making.

Requirements: Windows 95 or newer, CD drive.

Price: $30

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